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ezispeakhealth by ezispeak

ezispeakhealth provides on-demand access to NAATI-qualified video interpreters in under 3 minutes. With over 50 languages available, this integration enables you to instantly connect with any client and increases the accessibility of your service.

ezispeak's workforce of 2,000 certified interpreters ensures you can find the right interpreter quickly and easily:

• 50 languages currently available (with up to 180 languages available by 2021)
• No scheduling required
• Services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


This app requires both a Coviu account and an ezispeak account. If you don’t have an ezispeak account, simply sign-up here. If you do have an ezispeak account, simply enter your ezispeak 5-digit PIN where prompted in the configuration screen.

How it works

• For configuration instructions, please refer to the user guide emailed to you from ezispeak upon finalisation of your new user registration.
• Once you have enabled ezispeakhealth within Coviu, an ezispeakhealth icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of your Coviu screen.
• Click on the icon to request an interpreter. Upon requesting, you have two choices: Language and Gender
• Once these choices have been made, ezispeakhealth will request an interpreter matching your criteria.
• Once an interpreter has been found, they will appear in your sidebar, allowing you to add them to the Coviu meeting.

About ezispeakhealth

ezispeakhealth is a collaboration between ezispeak and Coviu. ezispeak is Australia’s fastest growing language services provider, and has clients across Healthcare, Government, Telecommunications, Utilities and more, in Australia and New Zealand. ezispeak is a privately owned company with over 2,000 interpreters covering over 180 languages.

More information

Terms of use: https://www.ezispeak.com.au/legal-privacy-policies/
Ezispeak registration: https://solutions.ezispeak.com.au/ezispeakhealth-new-users

Contact Us

For any questions or feedback, contact us please email customersupport@ezispeak.com.au. For interpreter assistance, please email customersupport@ezispeak.com.au or call the ezispeak video customer service line on 1300 562 165.