YouTube Video Player

Share YouTube videos within your Coviu call

  • Interactive activities
  • General Practice & Specialists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Manual Therapists

Youtube Player add-on

The Youtube Video Player add-on allows you and your guests to watch Youtube videos together in Coviu. The add-on synchronises the video and audio of the Youtube video to enhance the viewing experience.

If you would like to upload and share a video file into your call, checkout the Video Player add-on.

Coviu Youtube Plugin


  • The URL of a Youtube Video

How it works

1) Install the add-on by clicking Install at the top of this page
2) When in a call, launch the add-on by selecting Youtube player from the Tools+ menu
3) Copy the video URL from Youtube into the Video URL field
4) Click Embed video to begin
5) Visit the help page for more information


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