Scheduled Sessions

Simple call scheduling and management

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Scheduled Sessions adds a powerful new way to start holding calls with your team by adding the ability to schedule calls for your team, in addition to Coviu's permanent personal and shared rooms.

Here's what you get with Scheduled Sessions:

Unique call scheduling

Scheduled calls can be configured to occur at a given time and duration for a set of configured host and guest participants. Each participant receives their own, unique entry URL so the only people that will have access to the call will be the invited participants - which makes it great for conducting scheduled consultations.

Call calendar

Scheduled sessions provides an easy to use calendar that allows you to see your upcoming sessions, and to schedule new sessions with a minimum of fuss.

Works with payments

When coupled with the Client Payments add-on, you can easily charge for your consultations. Simply add a fee to a participant when scheduling the session, and the client will be required to make the payment before being able to join the call. They can pay in advance of the consultation, or at any time prior to the call.

Being paid for your consultations has never been easier!