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Add prescription delivery to your online video consultations with Rosemary Health.

How it works

1) Add the Rosemary Health Prescriptions addon to your account.

2) When in a consultation, open the Rosemary Health Prescriptions drawer to add a patient's details, and upload a copy of the prescription to Rosemary Health.

3) Your patient will manage their prescription and delivery details from within the Rosemary Health application.

4) Rosemary Health's network of Australia licenced pharmacies will ship your patients prescription to them via Australia Post within 1-2 days.


In order to use Rosemary Health Prescriptions within your video consultations, the following requirements must be met:

1) Clinicians prescribing must have a valid Medicare Prescriber Number

2) Patients must have a valid Medicare number, and are required to use the Rosemary Health application to manage their prescription (they can signup after their consultation)

Allowed prescriptions

Rosemary Health can prescribe and dispense all medication, except for the following:

1) Schedule 8 or schedule 4D medication

2) Temperature-sensitive and cold chain medication

3) Unlicensed medication

4) Sedatives or sleeping tablets

5) Other medication deemed dangerous, highly regulated or in any way unsuitable without the continuous monitoring of a customer's treating health practitioner

Delivery Fees

More information about Rosemary Health's pricing structure can be found on their website

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