Local Call Recording

Record your calls to your computer with the aid of this add-on

  • consent
  • form
  • configurable

Local Call Recording

The Local Call Recording add-on allows you to securely record the audio from your call. Before call recording can commence, your guest must consent to being recorded when prompted within the application. Once installed, a new button will appear in the toolbar to begin recording (image below).

Coviu recording Plugin

This feature is installed by default on Coviu’s Professional & Clinic Plans, but is available as a paid add-on on the Starter Plan.


For the Starter plan, the Local Call Recording add-on costs $10/month to use. You will be billed a pro rata rate for your current billing period immediately upon confirmation. Once installed, add-ons can be uninstalled at any time from your Account settings.

How it works

1) Install the add-on by clicking Install at the top of this page
2) When in a call, click the REC button from the toolbar
3) Commence your consultation after your client/patient has consented
4) Visit the help page for more information


Feel free to contact us at support@coviu.com with any questions or feedback