Appointment Bookings

Allow your customers to book appointments online

  • schedule appointment
  • book appointment
  • appointment
  • consultation
  • nookal
  • acuity
  • Booking & Scheduling tools
  • General Practice & Specialists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Manual Therapists

With the Appointment Bookings app, you can allow your customers to book consultations directly into your appointment management system from your Coviu customer connect portal.

For select Booking providers, you can also view your practitioners' busy time from within Scheduled Sessions.

How it works

For Customer Connect:

a) The 'Make a booking' and 'Retrieve a booking' options are added to your Coviu customer portal allowing your customers to be able to make and manage a booking from any internet capable device.

b) When making a booking, customers are able to view your available services, pick an available appointment day and time, and select a practioner for their appointment.
This appointment information is drawn directly from your appointment management system (or practice management system), so it ensures your availability.

c) Upon creating a booking, the appointment details are added to your appointment management system, along with the link you'll use to access the appointment, so you can keep
your normal business workflow. The customer receives a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the appointment - which is done simply by clicking the link included in the email.

d) Once a booking is made, customers can manage their booking using the 'Retrieve a booking' option in your Coviu customer portal.

For Scheduled Sessions:

a) The busy time of your practitioners is drawn directly from your appointment management system (or practice management system) on the Scheduled Sessions Calendar. This ensures the availability of your practitioners and reduces double bookings.

Supported appointment management providers

Appointment bookings currently supports the following appointment/practice management systems:

• Coviu booking management
Microsoft Exchange Office365
Acuity Scheduling (requires an Acuity Powerhouse subscription)
Nookal Practice Management

Don't see your management system? Contact us to talk about an integration


This App adds your selected booking provider appointment booking functionality to the following apps:

Customer Connect app
Scheduled Sessions

Appointment Bookings can be used on either the Customer Connect App, Scheduled Sessions App or both.